Some areas of the operation will continue to be closed and we will be following the Executive Order of Governor Pritzker regarding the COVID-19 virus and social distancing requirements:

  1. No walk-in reservations are allowed. Non-Residents of the City of Elgin are required to book online via the GolfElgin App (download app) or the City golf course websites. Elgin Residents and Seniors should call the golf shops for reduced pricing and pay over the phone. Pre-payment is required at the time of reservation-No exceptions!
  2. Walking Only. Special exceptions are made for individuals with disability or physical limitations.
  3. No rental pull carts are available.
  4. No refunds on prepaid times. In the event that you need to cancel or inclement weather, we will issue a raincheck to be used at a later date. 
  5. There is a $1.99 online booking fee per player. Booking fees are not eligible for a refund or raincheck.
  6. Our clubhouse will remain closed during this time.
  7. There will be no access to the clubhouse amenities including washroom and/or food and beverage service. On course water coolers will not be available.
  8. An Outside Service staff member will verify your name and confirm prepayment is received before advising you to head to the first tee.
  9. The Driving Range at Bowes Creek will be closed.
  10. The Highlands Driving range will be closed.
  11. On Course washrooms will be made available. Please use proper hygiene and sanitizer before and after use.
During play we have some changes:
  1. We have adjusted our cups so they ½ inch below the putting surface. Once the ball hits the cup- you are in!!
  2. Please DO NOT touch the flag sticks.
  3. We ask that you rake bunkers with your feet, no rakes or ball cleaners will be made available. Winter rules!
  4. Please stay 6 feet apart from each other.
  5. In case of a rain event, our lightning prediction system will send notice in the form of a 15 second horn blast tone. Please take shelter immediately. An “All- Clear” will release you back into action. This will be three shorter (5 second) tones. You can call the pro shop if you are unsure whether you can resume play.
We appreciate your patience during this extremely difficult time and are looking forward to seeing many golfers enjoying a bit of normalcy. The first tee time is subject to change daily.
Please remember to keep clear of our outside staff. They will talk to you from a distance.
Golf Operations Staff, City of Elgin


875 Sports Way, Elgin, IL 60123  |  847-931-5950