Course Overview

Welcome to Highlands of Elgin

Highlands of Elgin Course Details

Stroke/Slope – Men
Black  /  73.7/139
Black/Gold  /  72.8/137
Gold  /  71.1/133
Silver  /  69.5/129
White / 63.6/108

Stroke/Slope – Women
Silver  /  72.5/128
White  /  68.5/120

Hours of Operation

Monday: 8:30am-7pm
Tuesday-Sunday: 6am-7pm

Hole 1 (Par 4, 12 Handicap)


Black 414  /  Black/Gold 414  /  Gold 372  /  Gold/Silver 372  /  Silver 311  /  White 277

The opening hole sets the stage for the golf experience at The Highlands. The fairway has a pretty generous landing area and is flanked by three bunkers on the right. The green is guarded by bunkers on the left and a collection area on the right. The green is two-tiered so distance control is important, especially when the pin is on the upper tier. This fair hole will yield a number of birdies.


Hole 2 (Par 5, 2 Handicap)

Black 561  /  Black/Gold 522  /  Gold 522  /  Gold/Silver 522  /  Silver 451  /  White 420

This medium length par 5 is a long hitters dream! A ridge bisects the fairway with a well-placed collection area on the right. Shorter hitters may opt to play up the left side to avoid the collection area. The layup area is well-guarded by two bunkers on the left side of the fairway. The long, narrow green is undulating and requires a well placed shot for a best chance at birdie.

Hole 3 (Par 4, 16 Handicap)

Black 383  /  Black/Gold 383  /  Gold 355  /  Gold/Silver 355  /  Silver 310  /  White 268

This relatively short par 4 begins your journey around the quarry.Three bunkers are strategically placed in the middle of the fairway. The hole offers multiple options depending on how aggressively you choose to play. Longer hitters may challenge the right side of the fairway to leave a shorter approach. Be cautious, since the fairway narrows substantially and brings the creek into play. The left side of the fairway is much wider, but it will leave you a longer approach. The green is guarded by a false front so any ball short of the green will run into the collection area.

Hole 4 (Par 3, 18 Handicap)

Black 155  /  Black/Gold 155  /  Gold 134  /  Gold/Silver 134  /  Silver 107  /  White 76

The shortest of the par 3’s, this hole is as visually stunning as it is challenging. The green is actually larger than it appears; it’s nestled into the base of the hill. Two bunkers and a collection area will catch shots that are long, so distance control is critical. An excellent birdie opportunity.

Hole 5 (Par 4, 10 Handicap)

Black 436  /  Black/Gold 436  /  Gold 399  /  Gold/Silver 399  /  Silver 351  /  White 309

This mid-length par 4 again leaves the player with options. Shorter hitters will opt for the fairway on the right. Longer hitters may challenge the hole by hitting towards the middle bunkers and smokestacks on the horizon. This  leaves a short iron to the green. The wide, narrow green is guarded by large bunkers on the right.

Hole 6 (Par 5, 4 Handicap)

Black 581  /  Black/Gold 535  /  Gold 535  /  Gold/Silver 535  /  Silver 491  /  White 439

This par 5 plays entirely uphill and into the prevailing wind. Large mounds flank both sides of the fairway. Short hitters may struggle a bit, but a birdie can be had. The approach shot must be played up the right side of the fairway and to the right of the barber pole in order to see the green. The green sits in a hollow and will recieve shots that run up.  Distance control is important, especially when the pin is on the upper tier.

Hole 7 (Par 3, 14 Handicap)

Black 254  /  Black/Gold 203  /  Gold 203  /  Gold/Silver 203  /  Silver 167  /  White 125

The Highlands signature hole! This stunning par 3 plays from an elevated tee, providing a panoramic vista of the quarry and clubhouse. The fairway on the right is banked to allow players to run their ball up and avoid the cavernous bunker in front of the green. This hole plays shorter than indicated, as it generally it plays with the prevailing wind. This intimidating hole will test a golfer’s mental toughness. Par here is an excellent score .

Hole 8 (Par 4, 8 Handicap)

Black 363  /  Black/Gold 363  /  Gold 324  /  Gold/Silver 324  /  Silver 290  /  White 233

This short par 4 offers the player multiple options. The longer hitters may challenge the left side of the hole. Beware! The carry is much farther than it appears! Conservative players will play towards the bunker on the right. This leaves a short iron approach to an undulating green that is guarded by a front left bunker and collection area to the right.

Hole 9 (Par 4, 6 Handicap)


Black 418  /  Black/Gold 418 /  Gold 368  /  Gold/Silver 368  /  Silver 320  /  White 291

This long uphill par 4 completes the outward nine. Two bunkers guard the fairway to the left while out of bound lurks closely to the right. The approach continues uphill to a green guarded by a large bunker to the right. The green has a raised front making a view of the bottom of the flag difficult. A collection area lurks just left of the green.

Hole 10 (Par 4, 11 Handicap)

Black 395  /  Black/Gold 395 /  Gold 369  /  Gold/Silver 369  /  Silver 348  /  White 312

This downhill tee shot is bordered by a series of bunkers on the left and native grass on the right. The hole will tempt many players to draw the ball around the bunkers, but the last of the bunkers will catch any ball not perfectly positioned. The generous fairway slopes from left to right making the second shot even more challenging. In order to have a birdie opportunity, the second shot must avoid a deep greenside bunker on the right and a grass bunker on the left . The long narrow green contains a bowl which will collect any shot left of the center of the green

Hole 11 (Par 4, 1 Handicap)

Black 471  /  Black/Gold 429 /  Gold 429  /  Gold/Silver 429  /  Silver 369  /  White 323

This brute of a par 4 allows golfers to bite off as much as they can chew. The hole is framed on the left by the quarry and mounding to the right. Be careful. The carry is much farther than it appears. Longer hitters will use the boulders at the edge of the fairway as their “aim” point. Shorter hitters will have to stay to the right to clear the corner of the quarry. The slightly elevated green is flanked by well placed bunkers in front and to the left. Par is an excellent score here and will feel like a birdie.

Hole 12 (Par 5, 5 Handicap)

Black 530  /  Black/Gold 530 /  Gold 502  /  Gold/Silver 502  /  Silver 479  /  White 439

This relatively short par 5 begins from an elevated tee with a panoramic view of the south end of the course. The downhill tee shot plays into the prevailing wind. Out of bounds lurks closely on the left, while two bunkers on the right will catch an errant tee shot. The successful second shot will clear the cavernous wetland bisecting the fairway. The green is elevated and slightly obscured by a large deep bunker on the left. This long green is protected by a bunker to the left and a collection area to the right.

Hole 13 (Par 4, 17 Handicap)

Black 310  /  Black/Gold 310 /  Gold 280  /  Gold/Silver 280  /  Silver 255  /  White 201

At a mere 310 yards, this par 4 offers the player multiple options. The longer aggressive players will “grip it and rip it.” The more conservative players will layup to avoid the many bunkers. The fairway to the right provides an excellent angle when the pin is located on the front right. The undulating green is well guarded by 2 deep bunkers. This is an exciting example of a risk/reward hole that will yield many birdies.

Hole 14 (Par 5, 7 Handicap)

Black 511  /  Black/Gold 511 /  Gold 480  /  Gold/Silver 480  /  Silver 432  /  White 394

The shortest of the par 5’s, this hole plays uphill and into a prevailing wind. The generous fairway is flanked by a series of bunkers and pond to the left and a single bunker that sits to the right. The well-placed bunker on the right needs to be avoided at all costs. From 200 yards and closer, the fairway splits to an upper and lower tier. The upper fairway allows for a better angle and vantage point of the green. The small, relatively flat green is well guarded by bunkers and a collection area.

Hole 15 (Par 3, 15 Handicap)

Black 166  /  Black/Gold 166 /  Gold 137  /  Gold/Silver 137  /  Silver 109  /  White 73

This large, irregular-shaped green is guarded by water on three sides.  An accurate iron shot may result in a birdie opportunity while an errant shot will be penalized.


Hole 16 (Par 4, 3 Handicap)

Black 440  /  Black/Gold 404 /  Gold 404  /  Gold/Silver 404  /  Silver 360  /  White 309

This long par 4 bends slightly from left to right and the smokestacks in the distance provide the optimum aiming point. The hole is bordered by a creek on the right and mounds to the left. The right side of the hole slopes gently to the creek, requiring a tee shot up the left side.  The approach shot is both visually intimidating and difficult. The large green offers many challenging pin placements. It’s guarded by a large, deep bunker to the left and a pond to the right. Take your par here. Then, run to the next tee box!

Hole 17 (Par 3, 13 Handicap)

Black 198  /  Black/Gold 198 /  Gold 167  /  Gold/Silver 167  /  Silver 144  /  White 123

This demanding par 3 requires a well struck shot to hold the green. The hole is guarded by a large collection area to the right of the green and multiple deep bunkers to the left. The long, narrow green has a collection area to the right, offering many challenging pin placements. Par is an excellent score here.

Hole 18 (Par 4, 9 Handicap)

Black 414  /  Black/Gold 414 /  Gold 385  /  Gold/Silver 385  /  Silver 331  /  White 289

This magnificent finishing hole provides a spectacular view of the prairie-style clubhouse. Don’t let the view distract you.  A hefty challenge looms ahead. The hole plays uphill the entire length. The fairway is guarded by a series of bunkers to the right. The ideal tee shot will favor the right side of the fairway, giving you the best angle to the green. The approach to the green is guarded by a false front and two large, deep bunkers to the left. This challenging hole brings a memorable end to the exceptional golf experience at The Highlands!

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